Lepchajagat |Offbeat Vacation spot Close to Darjelling |Inexperienced Valley House Keep || Full Journey Information

Lepchajagat |Offbeat Vacation spot Close to Darjelling |Inexperienced Valley House Keep || Full Journey Information

hiya guys on this video i proven you Lepchajagat . And on this video i speaking about homestay reserving,lepchajagat visiting locations,lepchajagat view level, lepchajagat through Ghum, lepchajagat native sightseeing, lepchajagat greatest homestay, lepchajagat climate in December and January,issues to do in Lepchajagat, methods to attain Lepchajagat . In Lepchajagat I stayed in Inexperienced Valley House Keep. And Lepchajagat is shut from darjeeling and its a offbeat place. In Lepchajagat you possibly can see Kanchenjunga very clearly.

Inexperienced Valley House Keep Telephone quantity…… 9832834365

Instagram hyperlink…..https://www.instagram.com/anwoypramanik/

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