[Genshin Impact] "Teyvat Journey Information – Liyue Chapter" Mandarin studying | 《提瓦特游览指南——璃月篇》普通话朗读

[Genshin Impact] "Teyvat Travel Guide - Liyue Chapter" Mandarin reading | 《提瓦特游览指南——璃月篇》普通话朗读

Second video within the Genshin Impression Mandarin-reading collection, and now with Kamera images (BGM credit under)! That is is also used as a overview of the pronunciations of a number of Liyue location names from https://youtu.be/o4eHNP_KDo4 – Liyue (00:00), Dihua Bishui Wangshu (00:12), Guili (01:00), Jueyun (01:51), Yaoguang (02:40), and Guyun (03:49). Not totally pleased with the voicing for utilizing my bit-more-energetic-than-calm voice however I imagined Alice to have a reasonably energetic persona. Additionally did not notice that the “weirdo” on high of Wangshu Inn staring within the course of Guyun Stone Forest was Xiao till a couple of days after I met him within the story, and glad I saved some screenshots from that. Joyful 2021 to Teyvat Vacationers! Could the Gacha God be with you!

Music (so as):
Cozy Leisure Time — Wangshu Inn: https://youtu.be/5P4kRKiPMA4
Plain of Nostalgia: https://youtu.be/sr96xxg7W0c
Purple Leaf on the Chessboard: https://youtu.be/mg9ue7nKw-I
Rhythms From the Conch: https://youtu.be/5E6H6BFi73E
Scattered Amongst the Tides: https://youtu.be/O_6lF8WRZnw


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